Saturday, November 9, 2013

Coffeeneuring Trip 5: Which looks a lot like Errandonneuring

Well, it feels like a cop-out to get grocery store coffee. No plans, no cute local place, no fun bike ride with friends. Just prying myself out of the house to go get stuff for dinner, and grabbing a quick cup of coffee from the grocery store. On the other hand, the blend had the same name as my preferred operating system. So there's that.

Why did I do such a frumpy ride? Well lets go back 3 weeks ago to a reasonably nice restaurant in Oakland... Which, I didn't go to, I actually have yet to go there, and if I had, I would have been fine, since I don't eat meat. However, my boyfriend is a fan of the burgers there. And unfortunately there was a bit of an E. Coli outbreak there. You can probably see where this is going, it involved the hospital, and him feeling awful, and me worrying because we didn't know what was wrong for a while, and then, I spent last weekend in San Francisco for an interview! Which is not the greatest timing, although he was definitely doing better when it was time for me to leave.

I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something here... oh yeah. I wrecked my bike. And when I say "I wrecked my bike" I mean my bike can't bike anymore. This wouldn't be so bad except I just got it fixed the previous Friday.

So yeah, after I got back I had to catch up on all the things I couldn't do due to worrying or being in California, so I'm kind of tired. I don't want to graduate in May. I didn't really visit SF under the best circumstances, I don't know if I like it there. Heck, I don't even know if I'm going to get an offer, I don't know what to do if I do get one. Change is scary. I barely know what day of the week it is since I'm alternating between "must be Thursday or something" to "What do you mean it's not Sunday? Sweet. Extra weekend day." I decided to take Cherry to the store. She's crazy light. Got stuff for fried rice. As well as some cheese and crackers, and a back of cheese puff things since I kind of want something that is snack-ish. I also stopped by the Wine & Spirits store and got some Mead. I hope it's good. Anyway, back to low energy mode, because high energy mode sucks.

Oh yeah, I also biked over the new South Highland Bridge. It's pretty nice. A lot more open than the old one, there's no walls between the road and the sidewalk now.

In conclusion:
Date: 11/9/2013
Coffee shop: Whole Foods
What I had: Small Coffee (the blend was called Ubuntu"
Miles: 2ish
Party: shank


  1. SanFrancisco is awesome. The only thing scarier than Change is NoChange. I am really sorry about the bike.

    1. It's pretty cool, I wish I'd had more time to look around. It's hard to get a feel of a place in 1 day, which is something that just adds to the concern.

      The bike thing is really silly because the previous Sunday I got the handlebars adjusted because I couldn't comfortably reach the brakes and said that changing things up would be better than crashing. I think the most lingering bad feeling is that I just got her working, and then all that effort (which wasn't even my effort) was wasted more or less. Oh well. Now I know that's a terrible place to bike down.