Sunday, November 17, 2013

Coffeenuering Trips 6 & 7: Not much to say about either.

Trip 6 I have very little to say about, since I just biked to school (blaaar school on Veteran's Day) and had coffee there. It was a pour over coffee from the nice hipsters outside. I'm not really sure how it differs from drip coffee, but it tastes less bitter than plain black coffee, so there's that. I also had a chocolate croissant. I was kind of really low energy that weekend and it was pretty much all I could do to get out of the house and to whatever it was I had to do along with coffeeneuring. If it weren't for the combined forces of things I had to do and things I wanted to do, I probably would have just stayed home. Also, later that night, it snowed. Then it snowed the next night. I guess winter is here-ish. It passed by briefly. Probably coming back to stay relatively soon.
Coffee, Croissant, Cluster
I maybe should have written about this sooner, but I kind of got side tracked. I guess I did have an interesting Monday aside from this, I was in a fake explosion, and had my senior portraits done. And on Tuesday I learned that I can, in fact, graduate in May, even though mistakes were made and I'll have to take 5 classes. Although I thought that would have been the case anyway, but I thought one of my classes would count and it didn't, but it doesn't really matter, and there's nothing to be done now except take next semester as it comes. For half of it I won't even have class on Friday.

No pictures of coffee, instead pictures of people. I think Margaret has a picture of my food....
So I tried to make up for that this past Saturday by biking down to Southside again, and totally not cheating off other coffeeneur's ideas of where to go, I went to Delanie's. Which is a surprisingly convenient ride, although I didn't know exactly where it was so there was a moment of confusion as to where we were actually going (for all of 10 seconds). It was also surprisingly warm considering it snowed the day of my previous coffeenruing ride, so I got a blended latte with caramel and chocolate. Although partway through I realized a frozen drink was rather optimistic. I also had a danish. Then Rory and Margaret left, and I stayed to get a bit of knitting done. On my bike ride home I decided to not take the cyclocross shortcut, and instead biked down the sidewalk on 2nd, and found protractor 434, which I had mistakenly assumed would be between 433 and 435. Considering I also found 414 up in Shadyside, and it is the same color as them, I wonder what route they took to get down there...
Weird thing is, I was super tired on Saturday. I nearly fell asleep after drinking coffee. And I wasn't the only one. It was a totally lazy day in Pittsburgh. Feeling really tired. Increasingly tired. Here's some summary, I guess:

In conclusion(6):
Date: 11/11/2013
Coffee shop: (Mini) Tazza D'Oro (which is bigger than Big Tazza D'Oro)
What I had: pour over coffee and chocolate croissant
Miles: 2.6
Party: shank/cluster denizens (although they didn't bike, they were mostly just around that day)

In conclusion(7):
Date: 11/16/2013
Coffee shop: Delanie's
What I had: Blended Latte with caramel and chocolate and a danish
Miles: 11 apparently. Wow, it did not feel like that at all.
Party: shank, Margaret, Rory

Bonus Fake Injury:
Headwound Selfie

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