Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coffeeneuring Trip 2: In which assumptions lead to their platitudinal conclusion.

So there's a couple things to keep in mind while biking around to get coffee. One of which I encountered during my first trip, which is whether or not my destination is cash only. Unfortunately this trip I learned that assuming somewhere that sells coffee would be open at 11:00 isn't always a reasonable assumption to make.

Anyway, I had a thing that I was supposed to get to at 11:00, 11:45 at the absolute latest and thought it would be a good idea to have some coffee in me prior to being busy all day. And I wanted some company this time, so I planned to leave around 10:30, go to Oh Yeah! with Margaret, and get to the thing only slightly late.

Unfortunately, I had the hours wrong, and by wrong I mean I assumed they would be open. Not my finest moment. After a little biking around we ended up going to Bagel Factory in Shadyside. And to be honest, Baggel Factry kind of sucks. The coffee was okay (again, just got plain coffee), the cupcake was good, but nothing special, and the bagel was... meh. Almost worse than meh. Too much cream cheese that didn't quite taste right. Bleh. Yes, I think bleh is the word I'm going to go with.

Oh well. The company was good, even if the service and food was suboptimal. And that just leaves Oh Yeah! for a later date. And coffee happened, and this tided me through other people ordering Jimmy Johns... can't eat that at all because allergies.

Anyway, all that led into puzzlehunt! It was Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy themed! I only sort of screwed up my lines in the opening meeting! The puzzle I put the most time into went well! The puzzle I put distinctly less time into went pretty okay but apparently horrified some people! It was better than the alternative though. And I only had to sleep all Sunday to get the icky stress feelings to go away. I love and hate staffing puzzlehunt for that reason. On the one hand it's so cool to see what goes on behind the scenes, on the other hand everyone is super stressed out and it just makes me feel awful.

As usual, I got a new idea for a puzzle the week before, so lets see if we can actually finish this one in time for next semester's hunt.

In conclusion:
Date: 10/12/2013
Coffee shop: Bagel Factory
What I had: Coffee + cupcake + baggel
Miles: 3.1
Party: shank, Margaret

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