Sunday, October 20, 2013

Coffeeneuring Trip 3: In which we learn that bananas and peanut butter and waffles are not good biking food.

Wow, that was some really dense food. Maybe I should have put together my own thing, and not gone with peanut butter (apples and caramel?) or had some kind of tea instead of coffee? (Or gotten clarification that an "espresso drink" is a latte). But dang, I could not finish that waffle. And biking back sloooooowly was the only way the return trip was going to happen

Funky Monkey waffles are not great biking food.
I feel like this doesn't quite do it justice, the plate is over half the size of the table width, and there's some kind of peanut butter sauce hiding behind that chocolate. So much to eat and it's all that heavy sweet flavored stuff that sits in your stomach like wow. such banana. so food. much dense. (I'm a little sad blogger wouldn't let me stick that in comic sans). And the coffee was quite something as well

This is more than just an espresso...
That was an "espresso drink" with vanilla-bourbon syrup. Super sweet and to me it barely tasted like coffee, but Margaret disagreed. I guess I'm used to more bitter coffee though. Maybe I'll try something else next time (because there is so going to be a next time in general, although not Sunday afternoon). Although the hot chocolate looks absolutely ridiculous (and the whipped cream is super sweet).

There was a 30 minute wait to get in, but they do let you leave a number and wander off. This allowed for some halloween costume shopping to happen. It's surprisingly hard to find a purple blouse that buttons up to the neck, but I did find one. Now I'm just not sure it matches my vest. Guess we'll find out.
Woo, higher collared women's blouse! Also, the return of the Errandoneuring jacket.
On the way back we both decided that campus wasn't our jam and went home (up Neville after that waffle, oh goodness), but I stopped by the newer bike store off Highland (on a bike it seems more like it's off highland, so I could get replacement screws for my Bontrager bike rack. The old ones are lost forever somewhere between Confluence and the Pinkerton tunnel due to Gregor needing a bit of a kludge upper bike rack connector. (I managed to forget where I squirreled away the other two screws after removing it, but after some searching managed to find them and reassemble a more Raz-appropriate bike rack). In the process though, I noticed that Haavis is missing the two screw holes to secure a bike rack. I guess I'll figure something out when I get her fixed up. I've been saying that for a while now.
Older picture of Raz with his bike rack.
In conclusion:
Date: 10/20/2013
Coffee shop: Waffles INCaffinated
What I had: Vanilla-bourbon latte + Funky Monkey waffle
Miles: 10.4
Party: shank, Margaret

Bonus Duck:

I was planning on going downtown or to the Strip District yesterday, but I seemed to have gotten some early morning bleh that made my back ache. So no bikes yesterday. But if I had, this guy would have been in my pictures.

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