Friday, October 11, 2013

Surprise: You need to carry something and have no good way to do so.

I had planned to order food, bike the three blocks home, drop off Raz, and walk back, but unfortunately my food was ready too soon to do that. What to do? Well, the same thing I do whenever I have something that's too delicate to put in my backpack, or I forgot any sort of pockets or bag: ride home with whatever I have acquired in my mouth.

I have learned some things from carrying home cupcakes, bike tools, and now Chinese take-out. The first is that paper bags barely last as long as you hope they will. The new lesson is that my jaw isn't quite as strong as I think it is. Although I did have some success looping the handles of the bag behind my teeth; however it did make moving anything else in my mouth impossible (unless I wanted to drop everything).

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